Racing Rivals tricks for starters

Watch the traffic lights

Some races might be in manual mode where you have to start the engine manually after the lights turned green. It is very important to not lose much time there as it would cost you the whole race in the end. This is one of the most important tips for the manual races. Always watch the lights carefully and as soon as they turn green hit the button on the left of your screen to turn on the engine. If you are fast enough you may have enough projection to win the race easily already.

Shift at the right time

Every car has different shifting points and each of the gears got other points also. By customizing the setup of the car you can adapt these points to fit the length of the track better. The shorter the track the faster you have to shift through all available gears to use the whole power of the car.

Watch the number of revolutions carefully if the pointer is in the green marked area you can hit the plus button on the right to shift in the next gear. When you do this in the green area you had a perfect shift which means your cars speed will increase faster.

Keep the Cars weight low

The heavier your car is the slower it will start and the more horse power you will need to get faster.  So try to always keep the weight low by upgrading the “Chassis” to the maximum pretty early. This is more important than many other tuning parts but also keep the engine and exhaust upgraded as well. You should be able to decrease every cars weight up to 25% by upgrading the chassis to the maximum at all available levels.

Be carful about “Pink Slips” races

These races are either for money or cars so be careful as you can lose a lot there. If you lose the race either your cash or car is lost also. Many people already lost their car what they needed for the campaign so they had to take the car they had before and farm the money again to purchase the car another time. Only do this if you can risk the car or money without having any trouble if you do so.

Get free cars by completing the classes

Each class features several races where you have to beat the boss at the end. If you can beat every driver including the boss you are going to unlock a brand new car. So it is advisable to only invest cash into the tuning of these cars and complete every class with the cars you have won. Invest all the cash that you have saved during the game then into one car of the best class as soon as you got enough. That’s one of the fastest ways to unlock the most powerful car for racing rivals.